April 21 - 28, 2018

New Orleans, LA to Panama City, FL

7 Days, 225 nautical miles

An east-bound cruise along the Gulf coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  The crew will have a lot of flexibility on this trip; we can stay inside and enjoy beautiful Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, and several smaller bays.  Or we can jump offshore for some spirited (likely upwind) offshore sailing.  Or some combination.   Expect varied sailing as well as a few pleasant nights at anchor.

Cost:  $1,500

Availability:  CLOSED

May 1 - 11, 2018

Panama City to Key West

10 Days, 400 nautical miles

Easterly trade winds make this a fast and pleasant voyage down Florida's west coast.  Southeast or southerly winds will make it more challenging.  In any case, expect to gain some valuable offshore experience.  If the crew wishes, and time and weather permits, there are several interesting stops to make along the way.  Sailing is the best possible way to arrive in funky Key West.    

Cost:  $2,000

Availability:  CLOSED

May 16 - 26, 2018

Key West to New Orleans

10 Days, 550 nautical miles

This classic sail offers the Gulf of Mexico's deep blue water, sargasso, abundant porpoises, and amazing bioluminescence.  Predominant southeasterly breezes can make this a gloriously fast run, though a voyage of this length is likely to present varied weather.   A potential stop in the Dry Tortugas will allow communing with the ghosts of Fort Jefferson, or exploring with mask and snorkel.    

Cost:  $2,200

Availability:  CLOSED